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Leading With Your Best Foot...

The perfect way to set up a date!

A little preface-- I wanted to apply this to both companionship and regular dating life. So each step is outlined with the ways you should play both scenarios.

Now, this is not the end all of be all. Every woman is different, and you should take this advice and apply it accordingly to your situation.


1. Due Diligence

Regular Dating Life (RDL): you may have met through a dating app or in real life and have already exchanged numbers. Don't be afraid to background-check someone's phone number or the name they have given you. Your due diligence is a concern for your safety.

Using websites like or even can be beneficial.


Ensuring that a companion is an actual person is being safe about your health and your money (beware of scammers). This is all included in being diligent.

Confirming that a companion has an online presence, social media accounts, or reviews is essential. I always like to make sure that my verification speaks for itself, including my reviews being linked on my personal website.

Most companions have a social media or board presence. Check them by looking up their Twitter profiles, TER Reviews, or P411 standing...

2 . Your Schedule/ Intent

Regular Dating Life (RDL): If you want to take a woman out, make sure you have time in your schedule, you're not simply leading her on and have the time to commit to a date. Ensure you have the time to take dating seriously and date with intent. No one appreciates their time being wasted.

Notes: traditional dating can go horribly wrong if you're not ready for a committed relationship and are looking for more physical needs to be met. You never want to be branded as the guy who is a fuck boy.

Companionship: if what I stated above possibly does not apply to you, you're looking for something that can be compartmentalized— a genie in a bottle technically 😉 Maybe seeking a companion would be the perfect situation for you, a temporary girlfriend of sorts, a mutual benefaction of needs being met.

Only reach out to a companion if you know when you would like to see her. You never want to seem like a time waster or a tire-kicker.

Make sure you have your schedule straight and if you're flexible on dates, maybe throw out an array of calendar dates that would work for both of you (or all parties involved ;) ).

3. Initial Contact

RDL: Advice in this category could vary depending on how you met this person and if you already have exchanged information. As long as they are a real person (not a scam or catfish), trust your gut, and you should be OK 👌🏽

Companionship: Avoid 1st reaching out to a companion until you're ready to set up a date. Whether to see her in the local city or for her to fly to you (FMTY). You ideally want to have somewhat of a plan before reaching out. Read over her website and pinpoint what she asks of potential clientele.

I know for myself I'm pretty clear about my booking questionnaire. I try to make things as simple and streamlined as possible while requiring enough information about yourself.

The only turn-off is when I am sought out by someone who has no plan to see me or even dares to ask me to travel to their city without covering my travel fees.

4. Reservations/ Reserve your spot

RDL: This is my specialty, and I will give you a few hints here to impress the woman you admire. Once an agreed-upon date is set. Take the lead to ask her her favorite cuisine; depending on your taste level, go for 3 - 5 star restaurant; again, remember you're taking the lead role, leading with your best foot: go ahead and proceed to make reservations to the restaurant. Be reluctant to contact her between the times you guys have solidified the time and date and the reservations you have made. Keep it simple reach out to her and confirm that you have made reservations. This can be applied to any form of reservation. Concerts, Movies, etc. Taking the initiative is sexy.

Impressed she will be, young grasshopper.

Using websites like or


This is the area where things can get more complicated than traditional dating. Reservations for my time can include dinner or public activities, but it isn't mandatory. I do not consider dates solidified until I receive a deposit; details are outlined on my website and any other companion's website if that's what she requires from you.

However, I frequently cater to longer dates, incorporating activities such as lunch or dinner. I adore it when someone takes the extra step to create reservations ahead of time. I think it's sexy when someone goes out of their way to reserve a lunch spot, which is often not even crowded but just to show their full intent and commitment to following through.

Deposits for most ladies can be made through, CashApp, Venmo, Crytocurrency: ETH or BTC using or even an gift card.

5 . The Meet

RDL: Meet up at the desired public location of your choice; if you're feeling very gentlemanly and the lady accepts it, you can even send her an Uber to ensure she shows up for your date.

Notes: nothing is guaranteed, and I've heard horror stories of men getting stood up on dates— I cannot imagine the humiliation, especially if an expensive restaurant has been chosen. Something that is easily avoided when reserving time with a paid companion.

Companionship: This is where if everything is completed correctly, the ball is back in my court. I've trusted you; you have shown the correct intent, made reservations & impressed me enough that I am now excited to meet you.

At this point, we have usually exchanged meeting location information; I've asked you if you had any preferences on something that I wear

I have a full list of some of my desired dining places and date ideas on my website. If planning for a specific event don't hesitate to take a look.

Notes: Never ask a regular (unpaid date) to wear something specific unless you have bought it. I sometimes spoil my clients by accepting requests. This is NOT cool in the regular world and May get you slapped/blocked LOL

On the flip side: However, I Have an expansive closet & love an excellent request to let me know how to cater to your appeal even more.

Thank you for reading along!!



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